Anonyme a demandé:

I never realized that I will see you. The first time I saw you was in Fullybooked Gateway in Cubao. You were looking for books in the Classics and Politics section and I didn't dare to approached you because I was shy. The second time I saw you was you are walking in Ortigas and you still carry that same sad-serious face and all. I like you because of that. I like you even we haven't talk and you didn't know me. BTW, thank you for your likes on IG.

Well, I’m still wearing the same sad-serious face and it’s a nice time to talk. Hi. :)

P.S. That Fully Booked branch is already gone. :(

It’s like rain, but

Dark greyish black nimbus clouds hovering above in the night sky and everything’s gloomy but the sky’s just there, nimbus clouds joking about being too dark and heavy and Jesus, just rain already.